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Santa's Coming to Magnolia 2022 - 2nd Night Route
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

It’s that time that everyone’s been waiting for, SANTA is coming to Magnolia. We please ask that you read the entire post before asking what time certain developments are on the route. Please remember when you hear the sirens to send the kids to the end of the driveway with their coats to see Santa, this helps us to keep moving so that we can get to everyone quickly on the routes! Santa leaves the station promptly at 6pm every night.
Route 1
-Woodlytown Rd
-Fields at Magnolia
-Pleasant Valley
-Autumn Ln (Woodlytown Rd to Millchop Ln)
-Millchop Ln (Autumn Ln to Peachtree Run
-Paris Villa
-London Village
-Peachtree Run (Millchop to Walnut Shade Rd)
-Walnut Shade Rd (Peachtree Run to Autumn Moon Ln)
-Autumn Moon Ln (Walnut Shade Rd to Millchop Ln)
-Alexander’s Village
Route 2
-Barkers Landing Rd (E Walnut St) to Main St
-S Main St (Clapham) to Barkers Landing MHP
-Sophers Row
-Misty Pines
-Anderson Rd
-Beaver Run
-Irish Hill Rd (Sophers Row to W Walnut St)
-Magnolia Mobile Home Park
-Thorne St

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