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Assist Station 41 w/ Building Fire - 127 Merritt Dr
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At 2119 hours, Kent Center alerted stations 41 (Camden - Wyoming), 55 (Magnolia), 48 (Felton) and 46 (Dover) for a reported working building fire. Due to it being meeting night for the company, 55 units hit the street quickly, with Engine 55-4 responding at 2122 hours, Fire Chief Russell (55-15) and a crew of 7, followed shortly after by Engine 55-3, Third Assistant Chief Russell (55-19) and a crew of 5, Tanker 55, FF Vautard with a crew of 2, and Rescue 55-1, FF Walls with a crew of 2. Engine 41-1 went on location at 2130 hours, reporting a two story two car garage fully involved. Engine 55-4 arrived at 2131 hours, nosing into the driveway, with the crew stretching an 1 ¾” crosslay and 2 ½” preconnect off the rear, and initiated fire attack on the A side and A/B corner of the structure. Engine 55-3 arrived very shortly after, pulling behind Engine 4 with the crew stretching an 1 ¾” crosslay around the trailer to initiate fire attack on the B side and B/C corner of the structure. Tanker 55 arrived and began water supply operations. Rescue 55-1 arrived and staged past the scene and began filling air packs with the cascade, and serving as an impromptu rehab area. Crews worked until relief was brought up from later arriving units. Command 41 (41-16) placed the scene under control at 2155 hours with units working. Crews assisted with overhaul and repacking, with all 55 units returning at 2326 and in quarters at 2339 hours. Thanks to Station 40 for providing a cover up for Station 55 while we operated on the fire ground. All pictures courtesy of Jeff Hawkins &

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