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Santa is Coming to Town night 1
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Each night, Santa will begin both Routes promptly at 6PM. When you hear the trucks and sirens, please bring your children outside with cameras ready. Santa's helpers will hand out a small gift for each child and person waiting. We again ask that if possible, to meet Santa's helpers at the street side so that we can quickly hand out the small gift to everyone and be able to move along our routes quickly and efficiently, so that we get to each and every person on our routes in a timely manner!

Route #1

  • Southwood Acres
  • Southern Meadows
  • Lexington Mill Rd
  • Cedarfield Rd
  • Pintail Point
  • Lexington Mill
  • Barretts Chapel Rd
  • Fox Chase Rd
  • Olde Field Village
  • Magnolia Meadows
  • Irish Hill Rd (McGinnis Pond to Sophers Row)
  • Double Run Hunt Club
  • Hunters Ridge

Route #2

  • Champions Club
  • Ponderosa Dr
  • Jonathans Landing
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Point Landing
  • Plaindealing Rd
  • Pickering Point
  • St. Jones Landing
  • Ayers Ln
  • Locust Grove Rd
  • Link Side Townhomes
  • Link Side Apartments

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