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Public Service Announcement: Parking in front of Firehouse
Friday, October 22, 2021

The Magnolia Fire Company would like to address the following situation. It is being observed that during school pick up and drop off hours, civilians waiting for their children to be dropped off or picked up are either parking along our front pad in front of the garage doors or in the parking stops directly next to the building. There are some concerns to be addressed with these actions. 

Parking in front of our garage doors put you in our way for response in the event of someone’s call for help. In these cases, every second counts and having civilians parked in front of the firehouse can delay our response which can delay us from providing life saving care to someone who needs it. 

The parking spots directly next to the garage doors have signs posted stating “Parking Reserved for Fire Company”. These spots are used by our volunteers who respond from home so they have the ability to park close to the building and be able to don their gear and staff our fire apparatus quickly and safely. Again, seconds count in an emergency. We try to give our volunteers every ability to serve the community in an emergency quickly and safely. By also parking in these spots, not only are you delaying them from answering someone’s call for help quickly due to having to seek parking elsewhere, you do have the possibility of being blocked in by members delaying you from carrying out your daily plans. More importantly, you could be in the way of members running into the firehouse and we do not want to see anyone including the public or our members getting hurt. 

The parking spots on the side of the building closest to the Firehouse located between the Firehouse and Post Office serve as overflow parking when the front spaces become full of Responders so we ask that Civilians waiting for the bus to Pickup/Drop Off children do not park in the entrance to the Post Office (Example Attached) hindering the flow of traffic in and out of the post office. 

Our members need everyone’s help in the event of an emergency for us to be able to respond quickly and safely without anyone getting hurt. Please seek other areas for parking, such as the rear parking lot that is out of the way of emergency response.

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