1977/1953 Dodge M37 Utility Truck, 55-9

Purchased as military surplus in 1977, this 1953 M37 Cargo Truck would serve as a utility truck used to pick-up items needed for the fire company, as a plow snow; it was also used during periods of flooding when needed. Removed from service 1989.

1979/1976 Chevrolet Ambulance, A-55

Purchased in 1979 from the Bowers Beach Volunteer Fire Company, this ambulance became the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company’s first Ambulance/EMS unit. The ambulance was a full Basic Life Support unit. It was involved in a motor vehicle crash in 1980, and was unusable. It was replaced with a new 1980 Dodge Tradesman Ambulance.

1979 Chevrolet Bison Tanker, 55-4

1979 Chevrolet Bison Tractor with the Amerada Hess 8,500 gallon tanker trailer. The unit would remain in service together until the tanker trailer was replaced with a new Four Guys 6,000 gallon tanker trailer in 1991. The Chevrolet Bison Tractor was removed from service in 2006 and replaced with a new 2006 Freightliner Tractor.

1980/1970 Dodge LCF 1,000 gpm Tanker Pumper, 55-6

In 1979 the Dodge LCF Tractor was replaced with a new Chevrolet Bison Tractor. When taken out of service as the tractor. The chassis on the Dodge was extended and a custom 1,700 gallon tanker pumper was built. Removed from service 1997.

1980 Dodge Tradesman Ambulance, A-55

The ambulance was a full Basic Life Support Ambulance. Removed from service 1990.

1989 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 4x4, 55-8

Initially purchased as a utility vehicle in 1989 to transport members to meetings, training, and other fire department functions. The suburban soon became a response vehicle after the NFPA changed safety regulations which stated firefighters would no longer ride (stand) on the running boards on the rear of fire apparatus and must be seated in the vehicle. Removed from service 2008.

1989 Ford F200 4X4, 250 gpm Brush Truck, 55-0

The Brush Truck was equipped with a 250 gallon per minute pump, 200 gallons of water, 300 foot booster reel hose and a compliment of forestry tools. Removed from service 2008.

1990 Ford E350XL Medtec Ambulance, A-55

The ambulance was a full Basic Life Support Ambulance. Removed from service in 2000.

1994 Chevorlet G30 Van, 55-10

Used to transport members to meetings, training, and other fire department functions. Removed from service in 2014 and sold to the Belvedere Volunteer Fire Company, Wilmington, Delaware.

1995 FL70 Freightliner, Rescue 55-1

Freightliner FL70/ American Fire Apparatus Rescue 16 foot walk around body.The Rescue was equipped with a compliment of ResQtec hydraulic rescue tools; a ResQtec medium pressure air bag system with 250 tons of lift, and a compliment of landing zone and traffic control tools to assist with motor vehicle accidents. It also had a four cylinder cascade system and a 25 kilowatt generator. The transverse compartment offered a variety of firefighting, EMS, and extrication tools. The Rescue was crewed by a driver, officer, and three firefighters. Removed from service in 2013 and sold to Rainbow Hose Company No. 1, Pottsville, Pensylvania.

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